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XYZ VMC 710/24 Siemens 810D Shopmill Control – 8,000 rpm Spindle

Table Size: 800mm x 450mm

Max Travel X=710mm, Y=450mm, Z=510mm

Max Table Load = 500kgs

XYZ VMC Mini Mill 560/10 Siemens Control 802D – 8,000 rpm Spindle

Table Size: 610mm x 370mm

Max Travel X=560mm, Y=400mm, Z=500mm

Max Table Load = 320kgs

Matchmaker VMC1100/20 FANUC 0MD Control – 10,000 rpm Spindle

Table Size: 1300mm x 520mm

Max Travel X=1100mm, Y=550mm, Z=600mm

Max Table Load = 1,000kgs

Bridgeport VMC760/22 Heidenhain TNC 370 Control – 10,000 rpm Spindle

Table Size: 760mm x 490mm

Max Travel X=800mm, Y=520mm, Z=700mm

Max Table Load = 750kgs

Bridgeport VMC500/16 Heidenhain TNC 370 – 7,000 rpm Spindle

Table Size: 840mm x 360mm

Max Travel X=500mm, Y=340mm, Z=520mm

Max Table Load = 500kgs

Bridgeport VMC1000/22 Heidenhain TNC 370 – rpm Spindle

Table Size: 1150mm x 490mm

Max Travel X=1020mm, Y=510mm, Z=500mm

Max Table Load = 900kgs


XYZ 1630 Proturn SLX CNC Lathe ProtoTRAK Control

760mm between centres

400mm swing over bed


Ferranti Merlin MkII 3 Axis Bridge Type CMM fitted with Renishaw XX Probe

Max Travel X=740mm, Y=500mm, Z=400mm